Radon Mitigation / LaCrosse, WI

What is Radon?

What is it?

Radon Defined

Radon is an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas that is omitted from soils naturally due to the decay of natural elements.  In open air, radon levels will remain relatively low, however when enclosed in either houses, buildings or wells, radon levels can accumulate and become dangerous to inhabitants' health.  It can enter a home or building through cracks in the floor or walls, areas that pipes or pumps enter, basements, or crawlspaces.  This is why people who spend time living or working in a basement or ground floor are at further risk for developing radon related health issues.  These may include lung cancer and childhood leukemia.   Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer and is prevalent in many areas in the U.S. but is particularly high in the midwest (see linked map).  

Source: https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/radiation-exposure/radon.html


Radon Testing

Radon test kits may be purchased for a small cost at most hardware stores, online or through some county resources.  They are relatively simple for the average consumer to perform, but if you don't have time or feel like dealing with testing, we are happy to test for you.  


Radon Measurement

Although there is no safe level of radon, the EPA considers 4pCi/L and below to be an acceptable level of radon for an indoor space.  Therefore, it is our goal to reduce your levels of radon below this amount to achieve the best possible air quality for your family.


Radon Mitigation Systems

If it is determined that Radon is present, Radon Service Plus is a licensed and insured mitigator which means we are qualified to assess the situation and install a successful mitigation system to reduce radon levels.  A successful system typically consists of a suction pit in the basement with piping running either up through the home or up the outside of the home and with a radon fan mounted in line with the piping.  A personalized version of this system combined with the sealing of any visible cracks or penetrations in the basement floor, will dramatically reduce radon levels. 

radon mitigation piping.JPG

Radon Mitigation 

Display of a radon mitigation system's piping running up from the basement and through the garage 


Common Radon Questions/Answers

Please visit the EPA's list of Frequently Asked Questions